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Giving Back

I feel fortunate to have been running my business for 5 years. There have been many small business opportunities in my community to allow me and other local artists and makers to thrive. 

As my business grew I felt it was imperative to contribute to some causes that are close to my heart. Becoming a mother has introduced different priorities in my life and changed many perspectives. This is why I decided to donate monthly to the following charities.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

NCMEC is the nation’s largest and most influential child protection organization.

They lead the fight to protect children, creating vital resources for them and the people who keep them safe.

Donate here:


CAST - Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Human Trafficking

The nations's largest provider of comprehensive, life-changing services to survivors and an advocate for groundbreaking policies and legislation.

Donate here:


 Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders provide independent, impartial medical humanitarian assistance to the people who need it most.

Donate here: