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Jewelry Care

First things first: What is what?


Gold Filled

Gold filled is 5% 14kt gold bonded to 95% metal alloy (jewelry brass). Highest grade metal in the market and closest to solid without the price tag. Worry and hassle free. Hypoallergenic and water friendly to add.

All gold chains sold by Aviv Jewelry are gold filled, unless otherwise stated.
All gold wire jewelry sold by Aviv Jewelry is gold filled.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver that contains 92.5% pure silver and approximately 7.5% copper, nickel or zinc. Hypoallergenic and water friendly.

All silver chains sold Aviv Jewelry are sterling silver.

Gold Plated

Less than 1% gold that is bonded to the metal alloy (jewelry brass). It's more of a finish to a metal, think of it a as garment dyed but in metal form.

All gold pendants sold Aviv Jewelry are made of gold plated brass, unless otherwise stated.

Jewelry Care

Tarnish occurs naturally when certain metals are exposed to air and moisture. You can polish your sterling silver an gold filled jewelry with a polishing cloth and it will return to its original luster and shine.

You can keep your jewelry bright and shiny by keeping it away from humidity, chemicals, hair spray, and perfume, so put on your jewelry after your perfume. Try to keep your jewelry out of the bathroom, shower, kitchen and hot tub. It also helps to store your jewelry in plastic bags with non-tarnish jewelry paper. Remember the golden rule (no pun intended!) of jewelry:

Last thing on, first thing off!


Chlorinated water can damage and ruin your jewelry, so remember to remove all jewelry before going near any chemically treated water. A lot of people ask me about this and I would love to give you the answer everyone wants to hear, but chlorinated water (i.e.: swimming pool water) is not good for your jewelry. Just keep in mind that chlorine is used larges pools of water germs free...

If you want to keep your jewelry clean and shiny, you can hand polish it with a jewelry polishing cloth (MINUS the plated components!). Polishing cloths are too harsh for plated parts. You can find them at regular stores where jewelry is sold or online at Amazon or Target.